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The cycle "Man and time"

                                Why is this cycle called "Man and Time"?

In fact, everything is quite simple. No matter how hard man tries, he cannot rule time. He goes through centuries with his events and passions, trying to understand the secret of being. However, passions leave, and a person leaves, but time and mystery remain. On the other hand time does not stand still. We live in the 21st century, in a time, which is difficult in its own way, a time which oversaturated a huge amount of information, which is often completely unnecessary and even destructive. Therefore human thoughts today are fragmentary..

As an artist-modernist, as a socially active person, I am influenced by the spirit of the times. Just like many other artists, I am moving from a rigorous traditional approach to new methods. For example, in my works I bring together the collage with the traditional drawing, supplementing all this with aphorisms etc.. In this way I try to reflect today's saturated reality in which we all live. Here are thoughts about God and man, about man and time, about man and nature, about man and mankind. On the other hand this cycle is simply decorative painting, which should fit into a certain interior.

Art, creation, artist in general - this is not a profession, not an education, this is form and principle of life, this comes from God.

The peaceful time we live in is a rather illusory substance. Terrorism, military conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters and crises erupt here and there. Yes, the consciousness of modern man is often fragmented, yet man remains the greatest creation. His wounded soul searches for warmth, justice and God's protection and as always hopes for the best. The wise sayings of philosophers and quotes from saints remind us of this in this cycle.

In addition to these aspects of content, there are of course also humorous elements, of which human life has been rich in all times. I am firmly convinced that in today's reality, which is not at all easy, people should remain human beings despite all the whims of life and strive for harmony, both with their immediate surroundings and with nature. And the purpose of art is - of this I am firmly convinced - to create this harmony and not to destroy it.

Here you have the whole philosophy, dear ladies and gentlemen! :)

Roman Schernego   Rombicus 

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